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Laptop Service Centers in Chennai

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Asus Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop Store technicians are quality technical and hardware support through professional Asus laptop motherboard repair solutions. We provide customized Asus laptop repair support for our home and business customers. With fast and reliable laptop motherboard repair services, our service covers the entire Chennai.

Motherboard is one of the most important parts on a laptop computer system which coordinates the various functions between different components. If your motherboard has failed, your laptop will not work properly. At Laptop Store, we provide efficient repair for all types of motherboard failures which may be caused due to physical damages, power surges and laptop overheating. Our technicians are skilled in component level repairs and they will find out the root cause of the laptop problem, no matter how complex it is. Our specialized Asus laptop motherboard repair services include BGA rework reflow and BGA reballing services. With a wide stock of laptop spare parts and accessories, we can replace your defective notebook motherboard with a top quality one. All our Asus laptop motherboard replacement services are backed by a 90 day warranty.

We can handle and work with all symptoms of Asus laptop motherboard failure such as:

Asus Laptop Motherboard Repair

·         Random rebooting and shut down

·         No video on the screen

·         Random characters on screen

·         Blue screen of death error

·         Laptop so slow to start up

·         Distorted or scrambled images

·         Not working USB ports

·         Optical drive not recognized

·         System starts with 3 beeps and no display

·         Overheating Asus laptop

·         Laptop keeps freezing

·         Broken DC power jack on laptop computer

 Laptop Store flexible Asus laptop motherboard repair options for its customers. Same-day as well as standard repair services are available depending on various clients' requirements. Once we have received your laptop we will make a thorough diagnosis and inform you a free repair estimate. We provide quick turnaround Asus laptop motherboard replacement at reasonable rates.

 Laptop Store has specialized to repair all models of Asus Laptops Range:

These include the following Asus laptops:

·         ASUS N76 Series N76VZ

·         ASUS N56 Series N56VM

·         ASUS N56 Series N56VZ

·         ASUS G55 Series G55VW

·         ASUS G75 Series G75VW

·         ASUS K55 Series K55A

·         ASUS K55 Series K55VD

·         ASUS K55 Series K55VM

·         ASUS K53 Series K53E

·         ASUS K53 Series K53SD

·         ASUS K53 Series K53SV

·         ASUS K53 Series K53U

·         ASUS K73 Series K73E

·         ASUS B23 Series B23E

·         ASUS B43 Series B43S

·         ASUS B53 Series B53S

·         ASUS VivoBook Q200

·         ASUS VivoBook S200E

·         ASUS VivoBook S400CA

·         ASUS VivoBook X202

·         ASUS U47 Series U47A

·         ASUS U47 Series U47VC


·         ASUS U31 Series U31SD

·         ASUS U36 Series U36SG

·         ASUS UX21 Series ZENBOOK UX21A

·         ASUS UX21 Series ZENBOOK UX21E

·         ASUS UX31 Series ZENBOOK UX31A

·         ASUS UX31 Series ZENBOOK UX31E

·         ASUS P43 Series P43E

·         ASUS P53 Series P53E

·         ASUS B23 Series B23E

·         ASUS N76 Series N76VZ

·         ASUS P53 Series P53E

·         ASUS VivoBook Q200

·         ASUS U31 Series U31SD

·         ASUS G55 Series G55VW


 For any kind of Asus laptop motherboard repair requirements, Call to our customer Support: 9500066661/9500066668.