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Laptop Service Centers in Chennai

Asus DC Power jack repair: Laptop Store is one of the most efficient Asus Laptop Dc Power jack service centre in Chennai. Laptop Store offers competent and cost effective Asus laptop Dc jack repair and upgrade services for Asus laptop in Chennai. We are committed to provide professional Asus Laptop repair and Asus Laptop service in Chennai.

Laptop Power jack repair at laptop store is the most important asus laptop repair company specializing in replacement of broken and malfunctioning asus laptop Dc power jacks and sockets.

Symptoms of broken power Socket:

·         The black light on your screen flickers whilst Charging

·         Your laptop frequently changes from battery to Ac adapter

·         Your battery will not charge

·         The power socket is loose or broken

·         Your laptop will not Power up at all

·         your laptop battery will not charge

·         Loose Dc Jack Power connector

·         Intermittent battery charging

·         screen dims and brightens intermittently

·   The laptop only runs when you keep the power cord in a certain direction.

·   The laptop only runs on battery power.

·   The laptop will not charge the battery.

·   The laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently.

·   The unit suddenly shuts off.

·   Sparks come out of the back of the laptop.

Laptop store can repair loose DC jacks, power connectors with broken centre pins, even DC jacks that have completely snapped off. Since we have dedicated technicians who only work on fixing DC Power jacks on asus laptop computers we also provide the fastest turnaround times in and around Chennai. We only use high quality new DC jacks for all our replacement services. We can fix just about any laptop DC power jack problem in a proficient manner.

Asus  Laptop DC Power Jack Repair:

Have an Asus laptop with a burned or broken power plug on? Our Asus  service engineers will provide a quick cost effective service job on your Asus  laptop.

·         Burning smell coming from the Dc Jack

·         No power at all

For full details and any questions about our Laptop Power Jack Repair Service please use our Contact us.9500066661/9500066668.