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Laptop Service Centers in Chennai

Asus laptop Graphics repair:

Laptop Store is one of the most efficient Asus Laptop graphics service centre in Chennai. Laptop Store offers competent and cost effective Asus laptop graphics repair and upgrade services for Asus laptop in Chennai. We are committed to provide professional Asus Laptop repair and Asus Laptop service in Chennai.

Laptop Store offers repair services for all Asus NVIDIA or AMD graphics card reflow and rework requirements. The team is able to resolve any or all of the above mentioned issues as well as improve the overall performance of all models, including:

·         ASUS N76 Series N76VZ

·         ASUS N56 Series N56VM

·         ASUS N56 Series N56VZ

·         ASUS G55 Series G55VW

·         ASUS G75 Series G75VW

·         ASUS K55 Series K55A

·         ASUS K55 Series K55VD

·         ASUS K55 Series K55VM

·         ASUS K53 Series K53E

·         ASUS K53 Series K53SD

·         ASUS K53 Series K53SV

·         ASUS K53 Series K53U

·         ASUS K73 Series K73E

·         ASUS B23 Series B23E

·         ASUS B43 Series B43S

·         ASUS B53 Series B53S

·         ASUS VivoBook Q200

·         ASUS VivoBook S200E

·         ASUS VivoBook S400CA

·         ASUS VivoBook X202

·         ASUS U47 Series U47A

·         ASUS U47 Series U47VC


·         ASUS U31 Series U31SD

·         ASUS U36 Series U36SG

·         ASUS UX21 Series ZENBOOK UX21A

·         ASUS UX21 Series ZENBOOK UX21E

·         ASUS UX31 Series ZENBOOK UX31A

·         ASUS UX31 Series ZENBOOK UX31E

·         ASUS P43 Series P43E

·         ASUS P53 Series P53E

·         ASUS B23 Series B23E

·         ASUS N76 Series N76VZ

·         ASUS P53 Series P53E

·         ASUS VivoBook Q200

·         ASUS U31 Series U31SD

·         ASUS G55 Series G55VW

BGA Graphics Rework/ BGA Reballing Services

We can cost effectively and quickly reball a single BGA or at volume. We are also capable of reworking precision complex components such as shown below:

BGA graphics Rework Services

·         Any type of land grid array package and/or socket, including PBGA, CBGA, CCGA, High I/O FCBGA, IBM Hyper-BGA, m-SMD, LGA, etc.

·         CSP rework

·         Removal and placement

 BGA graphics Reballing Services

·         Eutectic-ball BGA

·         High-temp-ball CBGA

·         Lead-Free-ball BGA.

BGA graphics reballing service is the best choice for fast, effective high quality BGA reballing. We can meet your requirements with Fast Turn & High Quality Ball Grid Reballing Service.

Asus NVIDIA Graphics Card Repair:

You may be having NVIDIA chip problems if you are experiencing:

 ·         Duplicate images

·         Random or unusual characters on the screen

·         Horizontal, vertical or jagged lines appear on the screen

·         Video freezes

·         Distorted or scrambled video

·         Flickering action

·         Random rebooting or shut down

·         Blank video or screen

 The Laptop store team of capable technicians and engineers have years of practical experience. They also aim to provide friendly customer service at all times, since they fully understand the confusion and frustration imminent with NVIDIA graphics problems. We guarantee to provide accurate quoting and distinct explanations to our customers to help with a more straight-forward, painless repair process. With our state-of-the-art BGA rework tools and facilities we are able to perform both basic and more complex repairs on all Asus models in the most time-efficient, affordable and secure manner possible.

 We offer several alternatives to suit each customer’s repair needs, from individual home users to large businesses. Laptop Store provides an accessible walk-in service from their repair centre, and the potential for while-you-wait / same-day basis repairs.

 Do you think you may require a NVIDIA chip repair? Then don’t panic! Just contact the support team at Laptop store for a comprehensive repair service. Laptop Store Shop 044-42139995 or text 9500066668. Or better yet bring your Laptop to our Laptop store at Chennai.